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Verint Systems Enhances Enterprise Feedback Management Solution

September 11, 2013

Verint Systems, a provider of contact center solutions, recently enhanced its Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) solution, offering robust case management capabilities to help drive company-wide action, accountability and advancement.

Offered as part of Verint Voice of the Customer Analytics portfolio, the EFM solution helps organizations transform from passive customer listening to proactive customer engagement. Organizations can optimize customer experience, reduce churn and circumvent customer issues before they happen.

The service helps capture and analyze Web, mobile and IVR surveys in hundreds of languages and across thousands of users. With sophisticated customer journey tracking, the solution helps prioritize and resolve issues that have the highest impact on business metrics and the customer experience, Verint said.

With advanced case management capabilities, organizations can open cases automatically based on survey responses, enabling quick action to resolve customer issues, heighten loyalty, maximize productivity and identify service failures along the customer journey.

Organizations can also trigger alerts based on selected criteria such as low satisfaction score. They can track and align issues and opportunities by stage in the customer journey, business unit, product/service, or other criteria.

The solution can also assign and prioritize cases automatically to help ensure timely responses and balanced workloads, diagnose issues, identify root causes and collaboratively plan a best course of action.

Finally, the EFM solution allows organizations communicate with customers proactively throughout the process and their preferred channel. They can monitor case status, resolution times and full audit trials centrally, across all cases and over time to help ensure follow-up and closure. 

Verint Systems recently introduced High-Efficiency Performance Management, the latest addition to its series of Business Impact Solutions portfolio that includes Regulatory Compliance, Call Avoidance, Cost-to-Serve, Service Recovery and Personalized Guidance products.

The latest Verint Business Impact Solution enables companies to obtain a unique insight into what employees are really doing with performance indicators such as production effectiveness and product time compliance.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey