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Calabrio Takes Stage at ITEXPO to Talk Analytics

August 28, 2013

For both workforce optimization tools and analytics software alike, a lot of businesses turn to Calabrio for the solutions needed on these fronts. With the arrival of the annual ITEXPO event, meanwhile, this has given Calabrio a chance to show its stuff on a whole other front: information. To that end, Calabrio's senior product manager, Tom Sullivan, will be taking to the stage at ITEXPO, offering presentations on important topics and how Calabrio's line can help in these fields.

On Tuesday, Sullivan joined in on a panel entitled “Is Real-Time the Right Time,” which took a closer look at various management approaches to show that real-time wasn't always effective in every situation. Indeed, some occurrences might prove insignificant, but some may be the beginning of larger trends, and heading off a larger trend before it can hurt—or taking better advantage of it to help—can be the kind of thing that keeps a business alive and operating even in slow economic times.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Aug. 29 at 2 p.m., Sullivan will step into a new panel entitled “Turning Data into Customer Experience Excellence.” It's one thing to have data, even large amounts of data, but data by itself is largely worthless unless it's used properly, and that's what this panel is out to show. With this panel, Sullivan will be focusing on ways to take customer data and turn it into revenue increasing, efficiency improving, customer satisfying procedures and principles backed by data, making these most likely to work effectively in real-world conditions.

Sullivan even had a few remarks going into his slate of presentations at ITEXPO to further explain what would be coming up, saying “Contact center and service organizations are continuously challenged to find simpler solutions for solving big business and technology problems. Big data and analytics present significant opportunities for customer service organizations today, and I'm eager to share real-life examples and advice to help customers understand more achievable ways to deliver the best customer service possible.”

Indeed, there's a lot of room for big data and analytics alike to help out on the customer service front, as well as in other fields. Knowing what customers like, and don't like, is a great way to boost sales by being able to not only offer up what is appealing, but also get rid of what isn't, and therefore offer a better value proposition to those who previously weren't willing to work with the business in reference.

Calabrio's going to have a lot to offer, not just with presentations but also with a terrific product line that offers plenty of opportunity to discover the biggest truths about business. Calabrio's speech analytics tool—especially when coupled with its call recording tools—can bring in not only cost savings via saving time on voice analysis with more careful targeting of same, but can also provide insight on trends in the making by being able to spot keywords via phonetic searches. With that kind of information in hand, businesses can focus more aggressively on the things that matter to customers as expressed by those customers' own words. For those that can't make the trip, though, video is often the next best thing, and we have plenty of video to check out right here.

Calabrio has plenty of terrific products in the wings, and will also have a lot of great information for ITEXPO attendees. With so much available, it's well worth looking into for businesses that want to improve customer service and better tailor product releases.

Edited by Alisen Downey