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Sennheiser Releases PRESENCE Mobile Series

July 24, 2013

Sennheiser, a provider of headset solutions, recently released its PRESENCE Mobile Series, a solution for the business professional. The company claims that the new series provides outstanding sound quality and HD voice clarity to customers, whether around the office, in the car or outdoors.

The new headphones are based on SpeakFocus and WindSafe technologies which optimize communication in noisy environments – both indoors and outdoors. The company claims that headphones provide tremendous voice clarity with unique 3 digital microphone system. The Sennheiser PRESENCE™ will be available 1st August 2013.

Andreas Bach, President at Sennheiser Communications, said, "With the evolution of the modern enterprise towards more flexible, agile working practices that allow people to work remotely and across multiple locations, there is a need for a high-quality headset solution that can meet these demands. PRESENCE™ Mobile Series incorporates Sennheiser's latest innovations – the SpeakFocus™ and WindSafe™ technologies – providing users with outstanding sound quality and performance they will appreciate wherever they are."

Meanwhile, Sennheiser and headset specialists have announced that they are releasing the DeskMate line, a new series of wired headsets for office workplaces and call centers. This new series of wired headsets will be available exclusively through The U.S.-based is a provider of office telephone headsets. According to the company, it carries the largest inventory of headsets and accessories from industry leaders as well as featuring its own Executive Pro line.

With this latest offering, the companies are targeting customers and users who are looking for a wired headset that offers them durability and “outstanding” sound quality at an affordable price. The product range consists of HSC 230 single-sided and HSC 260 dual sided DeskMate headsets.

Edited by Rich Steeves