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MetricNet Releases Results of Its 2013 Canada Benchmarks for Customer Service Contact Centers

May 09, 2013

MetricNet, a provider of IT service and support benchmarking, published its 2013 Canada Benchmarks for Customer Service Contact Center, Service Desk and Desktop Support. The publication is available for purchase and immediate download via the MetricNet website and includes benchmarks for insourced and outsourced Canada based Call Centers, Service Desks, and Desktop Support functions.

MetricNet explained that it offers a range of benchmarks for information technology and call center professionals, and these benchmarks compare centers’ performance in key areas such as cost, productivity and quality of service to industry averages and best practices.

Using MetricNet’s benchmarks, comapnies can weigh their performance against others inside and outside their industry. The report allows mangers to track and trend performance, drive accountability for key personnel via metrics-based performance goals, showcase measurable performance enhancement over time, establish performance targets that are in line with industry averages or best practices and more.

The newly published benchmark measured over twenty key performance indicators for cost, productivity, service level and more. MetricNet released updates for its United States benchmarks in April and also offers benchmarks for the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, India, the Philippines, China, and Ireland.

Jeff Rumburg, MetricNet’s founding partner commented, “MetricNet offers the most cost effective benchmarks available in today’s market. They allow organizations to improve performance by establishing targets that are in line with industry averages or best practices.”

MetricNet champions its reports as the most complete, precise, and reliable in the industry, implementing industry best practices to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the metrics in its reports.

The benchmarks are currently downloadable in .pdf format. The accompanying Excel data file is also available, as well as a one-on-one review of the results presented by Jeff Rumburg.

Edited by Blaise McNamee