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Customer Satisfaction Can Bring More Benefits to Businesses

May 08, 2013

ForeSee, a provider of technology-driven customer experience analytics, recently releases its annual Contact Center benchmark study which revealed that customer satisfaction can pave the way to increased recommendations and likelihood to purchase.

This benchmark by analyzed over 50,000 surveys that asked about customer experiences with contact centers. 

Eric Head, ForeSee’s senior director of sales said, “Keeping a pulse on consumers’ experiences with the contact center is critical to an organization’s success across all channels. By measuring satisfaction correctly, a company is able to gain actionable measurements that allow them to identify areas for improvement while simultaneously using the predictive quality to project future success.”

ForeSee emphasized that there is a strong relationship between customer satisfaction and a company’s financial future. By measuring the customer satisfaction scientifically, one can hope to derive the metrics that can be used to calculate results such as future purchases, recommendations and loyalty.

The company works closely with contact centers to help them realize the tools to empower their agents with the information needed to make each customer engagement as satisfactory as possible.

Any contact center that can learn about the factors hindering easy access to services for customers, can fix those issues and easily enhance experiences.

According to the benchmark 182 percent of respondent said they are more likely to contact the center again versus less satisfied customers. Also, 149 percent said they are more likely purchase again from a company and 180 percent said they are more likely than less-satisfied customers to recommend the company to a friend, family member or colleague.

Larry Freed, CEO at ForeSee added, “While the contact center tends to be the last resort for customers to engage with a company, it is in a way the company’s last line of defense for securing and maintaining a customer’s loyalty and relationship. Our research consistently demonstrates the powerful effect of customer satisfaction as we work with organizations that carefully measure and hone their contact center strategies to increase satisfaction.”

Edited by Stefania Viscusi