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nizeX Opens New Contact Center to Support Powersports Dealers

May 06, 2013

nizeX, Inc. has been producing software products in a number of different industries for over 19 years, and its customer relationship management module, Lizzy, has been instrumental in helping businesses accomplish astounding growth.

Although Lizzy was successful in helping Powersports dealers better manage their businesses in the past, nizeX was looking for an innovative way to strengthen the customer experience of these dealers. This triggered the opening of a new customer contact center in the United States.

“Many dealerships don’t have the time to take care of the essential follow up calls that can really strengthen the customer experience. We wanted to give our customers another way to support and grow their customer base, without needing to hire on additional staff,” noted Glenn Hancock, president at nizeX, commenting on the new contact center.

Hancock also observed that the new facility would be staffed by experienced and capable reps that understood the needs and concerns of Powersports customers. Services offered would be comprehensive and would include post-sales and service follow ups, promotional marketing of dealership events, order notifications and more.

The opening of the new center is a part of the company’s commitment to improve its service for dealers every day, and nizeX appears determined to adapt itself to Powersports business as dealer needs change.

Those dealers that sign up for the customer contact center will receive an evaluation of what they need currently and will also receive a customized plan of action that helps them attain their objectives.

Pricing plans will depend upon specific concerns of the dealership, but promise to be affordable and competitive. Subscription plans start at $75 per month.

These call centers are likely to remain in America, as the company has resolved to never outsource these services to another country.

Edited by Blaise McNamee