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Gold Mobile and Assurance Wireless Offers Secure, Two-Way Messaging HIPAA-Compliant Platform

April 01, 2013

Gold Mobile (GoMo Health), a mobile Healthcare Solutions Provider (HSP), signed an agreement with Assurance Wireless, a federal Lifeline Assistance program for wireless phone service providers, to offer better health services to remote patients. Under this agreement, Assurance Wireless will offer a unique, patent pending service to improve low-income eligible consumer communications. These consumers will be able to make a free phone, 250 free voice minutes and 250 free text messages in more than 40 states.

Gold Mobile offers GoMo Chat Secure, a secure, HIPAA-compliant mobile patient/member engagement and communications service. Collectively, these services are providing a platform to enable healthcare insurers, HMOs and healthcare systems to deliver and manage two-way secure messages to all member patients. Interestingly, this is free service for Assurance Wireless customers.

GoMo Chat Secure offers secure (encrypted) text-based messages that are viewable using the Assurance Wireless mobile phone's native browser, which is why there are no character count restrictions or a need to download and maintain OS-specific mobile applications.

Alan Stern, vice president of Healthcare Solutions for Gold Mobile, said, “This is a true game-changer for remote patient care and the health care industry in general because of the need and benefit in communicating PHI information to patients in-the-moment, when and where they need it.”

GoMo Chat Secure, a feature of the GoMo Health platform enables healthcare providers to deploy a wide array of mobile healthcare communications programs to improve quality of care, especially for high-risk and recently discharged members and patients.

This will provide secure one-way, two-way text chat and voice communications - configured completely by the Health Care Insurer Administrators for both lifeline and member phones and devices.

David Avila, business development manager, Assurance Wireless, said in a statement, “Through our combined programs, we can provide affordable, secure and socially conscious health and wellness communications for low-income member patients to improve their health and, ultimately, their quality of life."

Edited by Rachel Ramsey