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SpeechStorm Highlighted by Ovum for its Personalized IVR Solutions

April 01, 2013

It doesn’t matter the industry. Effective interactive voice response (IVR) is increasingly becoming a necessity when it comes to the contact center.

And while IVR has been around for awhile, the strides made in the IVR space in recent years have given the once-maligned technology a newfound life as an effective tool both for companies and customers alike.

One company innovating in the IVR space is SpeechStorm, and recently the respected IT consultancy, Ovum, has given the firm a shout-out for its efforts.

Ovum has highlighted SpeechStorm in one of its On the Radar research reports, a series of pieces that highlights innovating technology vendors.

SpeechStorm helps organizations of all sizes make everyday tasks easier for their customers. They provide pre-built IVR, speech self-service and mobile apps that reduce waiting times for customers, and reduce call handling times in the contact center.

In particular, Ovum focused on SpeechStorm’s Customer Journeys module, an innovative solution that automatically tracks the path taken by customers using the IVR, thereby helping the business better adjust its IVR menus for maximum customer quality of experience.

Ovum also highlighted SpeechStorm’s Mobile Experience self-service applications for smartphones, according to a statement by SpeechStorm, and the ability for firms to make near real-time changes to the IVR in order to improve the customer experience.

In the report, Ovum wrote that any enterprising looking to personalize its customer experience should assess the SpeechStorm offerings as a possible technology solution.

Part of what sets SpeechStorm apart is its focus on the customer, context, capacity and control, according to SpeechStorm’s website.

Understanding the customer and the context is particularly important, according to the company; most times, just knowing who is calling is enough to make a pretty good guess as to what the contact is going to be about. For a customer who has just received a bill, for instance, there’s a good chance it’s an account query.

“The feedback we get from the customers using our solutions is, as you would expect, of most importance to us,” said Oliver Lennon, CEO at SpeechStorm. “That's what tells us we are delivering value and it helps drive our roadmap.”

 “We know already that our customers really like what we're doing with Customer Journeys and enabling personalized IVR,” he added, “but it's nice to be recognized by a leading analyst and research company like Ovum, whose views are highly regarded across the industry.”

Edited by Braden Becker