Contact Center Solutions Featured Article Expands to Enhance Customer Service

March 15, 2013

To accommodate more administrative staff and customer service representatives, has announced the expansion of its call center.

For many years now, has been providing family history records from a top of the line database. Through aggregation of many comprehensive databases, and integration of their tool, this organization lets users have access to accurate and up-to-date reports 24/7. With a family name search on their database, any number of birth, death, criminal, and marriage records can be found.

In addition, the website and reports are backed up by its ever-expanding quality customer support team.The company is now experiencing tremendous growth, marking a high point for business. The company also expects to attain 100 percent satisfaction from all customers who call customer service and see quick hold times and superior problem-solving agents.

This step will help the company continue to exceed its customers' expectations.

"Due to a large increase in business we need to lessen call hold times and get customers in contact with an agent as soon as possible. We've added more space to the call center office and will begin hiring new staff to fill the area," according to a call center manager.

The expansion also demonstrates the employee’s commitment to customer service and attention to detail. The company has also announced its plans to soon hire new call center agents and administrative staff.

These jobs will be offered to agents with previous experience in the customer service industry and call centers.

Edited by Braden Becker