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Brazilian Utility Company Selects Comptel

September 14, 2012

Comptel Fulfillment is an order fulfillment platform that integrates a flexible approach to service design. It is created with dependable, highly automated delivery capability across multiple networks and service platforms. Reducing costs, supporting service innovations and improving the quality of customer interactions with the communications service provider (CSP), Comptel Fulfillment bridges between customer order and service use.

Recently, the company announced that a leading producer and distributor of hydroelectric energy in Brazil selected Comptel Fulfillment technology to enhance visibility into its current telephony network and infrastructure.

Providing end-to-end service order orchestration and streamlined management of network resources, the utility company will install Comptel Order Management and Comptel Service and Resource Inventory to fill customer orders with precise service use. Maintaining a view of the physical, logical and service inventory needed to provide services, this will offer the company with a consolidated inventory of networks.

To ensure streamlined product and service deployments, which will result in cost savings, it will benefit from process automation across multiple networks and service platforms.

“Utility companies are dealing with a massive influx of data that must be harnessed. Comptel has been working with telecommunications companies for many years performing capture, control and deployment of data, resources and services, so we are well suited to the complex environments found in utilities and other sectors,” said Mr. Diego Becker, senior vice president, Latin America and Caribbean, Comptel. “It’s especially important to have a real-time, clear and consistent view into both customer and network activity to ensure services are delivered.”

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Edited by Brooke Neuman