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T-Mobile Hiring 100 New Call Center Employees

September 11, 2012

Phone company, T-Mobile is making plans to not only bring on new employees, but also reach out to additional customers, a one-two punch of expansion. Their 400-employee call center in Maine will be adding 100 new employees to their staff by the end of the year.

It has not escaped the attention of those watching the mobile industry that T-Mobile USA is the only major phone company that has yet to jump on the iPhone bandwagon. That status is about to change, as T-Mobile is moving into a new phase of its business plan that will involve ways to incorporate Apple products into its contracts. 

Beginning this month, it will be possible for customers, who currently own iPhones, to switch over to T-Mobile without having to ditch their phones. This way, potential users of T-Mobile will finally be able to keep their beloved technology while switching to a phone plan that might just make the most sense for them. Given the popularity of the iPhone, it’s hard to see how T-Mobile could lose with this strategy. 

Though Apple hasn’t released word about a new iPhone model, market specialists predict that the company will be making the big announcement about the  iPhone 5 at a San Francisco conference this month. Most likely, the product will be made available to the general public by the end of the month, in coincidence with T-Mobile’s shift of policy. 

While T-Mobile has always been amenable to the idea of the iPhone, deteriorated data speeds when compared to AT&T have discouraged Apple fans from using the company’s services. With any luck for T-Mobile, this new plan for iPhone users will lead to greater pools of customers. With more customers to count on, the company will be able to create more jobs, as it has already planned to do at small outfits in Maine and other states. 

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Edited by Brooke Neuman