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Good Agents - a Must for every Contact Center

August 01, 2012

While many organizations keep harping on a good CRM, the dynamic and demanding communications space seems to require more than just that. Remember, contact centers survive on satisfied customers and with customers dictating how they wish to communicate, but these days it takes a lot to please them.

Then the question arises: Who gets the ball rolling? Agents, says Drishti Software, is at the heart of the issue. The R&D team at Drishti, however, has introduced the Ameyo Agent Screen Recording tool that promises to enhance agent efficiency and drive customer satisfaction.

“Any organization's CRM strategy is only as strong as its weakest link, and the building blocks of any such process are agents,” said Sachin Bhatia, vice president, business development at Drishti Software, underscoring the important role that agents played.

Today's customers want everything quickly, but to do that contact centers have to rely on technological tools to deliver. Of course the agents use these tools, and if they don't have the proper skills to use them effectively, the exercise is a waste of time and resources.

This is why Drishti Software places an onus on developing agent skills. Agents need to be monitored properly and agent monitoring needs to be considered not as an onerous task, but as something that is critical to service levels and call performance.

“Continuous agent skill development begins with agent monitoring,” added Bhatia. “If an agent is to be developed, his skills need to be coached, improved and monitored.”

Ameyo 3.0 automates the agent-evaluation process and creates a depository of qualitative data that can be analyzed for specific skill based trainings for individual agents. This eliminates redundant monitoring, which does nothing to actually improve and develop agent skills.

Although the specific needs may be different for different industries and businesses, the bottom line is always the same – develop Agent skills, improve customer satisfaction, and earn greater revenue from the customer base.

So keeping the denominator constant, the numerator – agent skills – needs to be structured in such a way that it becomes sufficient value added for the contact center.

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Edited by Braden Becker