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National Datacare Improves Customer Care with Interactive Intelligence Contact Interaction Center (CIC)

July 25, 2012

With so many different communication channels to manage on a daily basis, it’s a wonder that any company is able to operate efficiently or deliver quality customer care. When a Unified Communications platform, such as that enabled with Interactive Intelligence’s unified IP business communications software, is introduced costs are cut and service deliverables are improved. 

Financial services company, National Datacare Corp. learned this firsthand when it deployed the Interactive Intelligence solution. The software and banking systems provider caters to industries that manage funds for clients. National Datacare decided to implement the Customer Interaction Center (CIC), the all-in-one IP communications software suite, in an effort to support its business users and contact center agents. 

National Datacare’s CEO, Mark Sanfacon stated that: “CIC’s real-time supervisory monitoring has enabled our managers to coach representatives during calls to better respond to customers…In addition, its statistics dashboard has enabled managers to dynamically forward calls to auxiliary reps when volume is high, thus reducing on-hold times.”

Sanfacon also noted that the multichannel routing available in the CIC eliminated the bottlenecks that can result from an email sitting in a generic inbox indefinitely. In the CIC, agents receive customer contacts immediately and they are queued alongside calls to ensure customers always enjoy timely service, regardless of the communication channel selected. 

The presence management feature was another focus for improvement for National Datacare. Using the CIC, employees now have visibility into their colleagues’ status, whether they are on vacation, in a meeting, on a call or available. As a result, agents don’t transfer urgent calls to someone who is unavailable. This approach ensures improved customer service, while also enabling employees to more efficiently collaborate among team members. 

These improvements in customer care are enhanced through the reduced costs National Datacare has enjoyed thanks to the CIC deployment.  According to Sanfacon, the CIC has provided the company with a lower total cost of ownership when compared with the old system. And, when combined with the company’s move to VoIP, support and telecom service costs have been split in half.

As part of this move, National Datacare replaced its PBX with the CIC after evaluating solutions offered by ESI, Avaya and Zultys.  “We looked at other systems but were left wanting more functionality,” Sanfacon said. “Then Interactive Intelligence came in. The company showed long-term stability, CIC was competitively priced, and it did everything we needed and then some. It was the clear choice.

Brookman LLC, an Interactive Intelligence partner, is working with National Datacare to fully implement the CIC.

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Edited by Peter Bernstein