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Customer Interactions Solutions Honors IntelliResponse with 2012 CRM Excellence Award

May 09, 2012

Answer Suite, a product by IntelliResponse, has received a 2012 CRM Excellence Award from Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine.

“IntelliResponse has been granted a CRM Excellence Award for its commitment to its customers and their clients,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO at TMC. “IntelliResponse has demonstrated to the editors of Customer Interaction Solutions that IntelliResponse Answer Suite improved the processes of their clients' businesses by streamlining and facilitating the flow of information needed for companies to retain customers.”

Answer Suite consists of four components designed so that customers can either help themselves or obtain assistance from a call center agent. Components include Web Answers, Social Answers, Mobile Answers and Agent Answers.

With Web Answers, customers obtain quick, relevant and approved answers from a company’s Website. Customers can type in questions in everyday language and receive answers either in the form of responses to FAQs of from a virtual agent. Companies can deploy Iris in a Webchat format, for instance, or as a banner at the top of the “Help” screen.

Another feature, Social Answers, gets answers to customers who are seeking help via social media. For instance, companies can deploy Iris at the top of their Facebook page to answer customer questions in real time. An additional self-help feature called Mobile Answers can be used as either an Android or iPhone app. Users type in their questions and receive a response as well as recommendations for additional FAQs.

Of course, some still prefer a live person. For call center agents, Agent Answers allows customer service representatives to have access to the company’s knowledge base. Because both agents and self-service customers retrieve answers from the same database, information is delivered more consistently to the customer.

“We're pleased that TMC has chosen IntelliResponse Answer Suite as a recipient of the Customer Interaction Solutions 2012 CRM Excellence Award,” said Mike Hennessy, Vice President, Marketing at IntelliResponse.

“The online customer self-service capabilities of IntelliResponse Answer Suite have dramatically improved the overall customer experience for our clients,” he added. “In the process, our clients have reduced their customer service costs across the board, and have seen several revenue opportunities open up that were simply unattainable before.”

Edited by Braden Becker