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Fiitfu Adds Video to Social Media Campaign

March 05, 2012

Fiitfu CRM Solutions, a web based Customer Relationship Management system has announced that it will incorporate video in the company’s marketing campaign, to increase public awareness and usage.

Cisco’s VP for Marketing and Emerging Technologies, David Hsieh, predicted that web video would soon account for a huge portion of Internet traffic saying, “Today over half of all Internet traffic is video—51 percent. And based on the current trends, we predict that in the next three years over 90 percent of all Internet traffic will be video.”

Officials said that it was only after recognizing the power of video in social media that Fiitfu CRM Solutions took this decision.

The company has engaged the services of a Vancouver, British Columbia-based company based on their belief that video will be a strong addition to Fiitfu’s social media campaign.

In a press release, CEO Mary-Jane Mehlenbacher, said: "We have to capture the audience in a short period of time and video can give viewers a quick impression of this fun and functional CRM as quick as a 30 - 60 second clip."

"I guess the proof will be when we see the numbers of our new promotional video go from the present 80 views to who knows what number," states Mehlenbacher "And of course our hope will be to have those views turn into new clients."

Specifically designed for those in network marketing, Fiitfu helps you keep track of your clients and ensures that you always have a plan for follow up. 

In a short span of time, Fiitfu has been drawn clients from many different industries because of its ability to customize and its accessible site. The company has client's in Canada, Australia, UK and USA.

In related news, Fiitfu CRM Solutions has recently announced more updates to its software.

Edited by Chris Freeburn