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X2Engine Announces Availability of X2CRM Open Source Social Sales Management Solution

February 23, 2012

X2Engine officially launched the next-generation X2CRM open source social sales management application, which has been designed to optimize contact and sales actions into an easy to use and compact social user interface. Since its worldwide beta release in September 2011, the application has been deployed across more than 1,000 public and private cloud servers globally.

The company in its announcement also stated that it will be discontinuing the use of GPVv3 license and will be adopting the BSD license in place of it.

In a release, John Roberts, co-founder, X2Engine, said, "We are very excited about the success of our worldwide beta program. Though developed by our core engineering team the daily feedback from our global open source community has definitely helped make X2CRM one of the best new sales systems introduced over the past several years. We feel very confident that X2CRM will become the open source CRM leader in the coming years."

X2CRM delivers users with: Web and Facebook lead capture forms; lead nurturing, scoring, and intelligent routing; options for easy management of contact activity; a sales process work-flow engine; advanced email correspondence and both products and sales quotes. The solution also offers: user profile pages and activity streams; field security, roles and sales teams, and visual form editor for administrators. Additionally, the solution features a reporting dashboard and comes with iPad and mobile device apps.

 X2CRM has been based on the latest in open source software applications such as Apache, PHP, MySQL, and Linux (LAMP). Leveraging the X2Studio administrative tool, developers can easily create and share new application modules even without any programming knowledge. The X2CRM platform also provides support for HTML5, iPad, iPhone and Android mobile phones.

John Roberts went on to say, "Initially we released X2Engine beta versions under the GPLv3 license, which is still a great license. But considering that we do not include any GPL code (some LGPL) in our distro it did not make sense for us to force our community to use a license that we do not ourselves use. This change to the BSD makes it much easier for developers and end customers to use and extend X2Engine without the copyleft restrictions of the GPL or AGPL licenses."

Edited by Rich Steeves