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Varolii Adds Inbound Call Center Capability to Its Outbound Solutions

February 21, 2012

Call centers that handle both inbound and outbound communications have always faced a challenge: how to integrate both inbound and outbound to create a cohesive whole without any inefficient “siloing” that leads to unhappy customers and flustered agents. To this end, customer interaction management company, Varolii Corporation, has announced a new integrated solution, Varolii 360, designed to offer inbound communications capabilities to call centers, creating a complete customer experience across both guided inbound and proactive outbound interactions.

The new solution builds on the company's existing outbound solutions to better enable organizations to deliver personalized inbound communications, leading to increased levels of customer satisfaction and solving customer problems more efficiently. For many companies that struggle with a mixture of inbound and outbound technologies from separate vendors, Varolii plans to offer a seamless experience across both inbound and outbound channels with personalized interactions, consistent company branding, self-service options and complete reporting and analytics, the company said in a press release.

Varolii says with its new solution customers can gain a better experience with patented guided inbound capabilities, powered by Spoken, which uses speech recognition combined with human agent assistance to maximize call center efficiency and reduce the error rate of pure speech recognition. The result, for many call centers, can be cost savings and a boost to the customer experience. Varolii proactively communicates to customers with its outbound communications applications through voice, text messages, emails and smartphone applications. Inbound response is then personalized to those customers, the company said.

“No matter what industry, customers will inevitably need to speak with an agent when a problem arises. However, with many inbound call center systems, customers have to deal with a cumbersome automated process that leads many customers to hang up in frustration,” said Sharath Dorbala, VP of product management and strategy at Varolii. “Typical automated speech recognition (ASR) engines don't have the intelligence to personalize inbound calls to a particular customer or auto-correct during a customer call if it misunderstands what you are saying. Varolii's inbound solutions leverage guided speech recognition and advanced personalization to assist the customer, eliminate errors and streamline call resolution.”

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