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Interactive Intelligence Wins Contact Center Systems Company of the Year from Frost & Sullivan

November 08, 2011

This year, the Texas Rangers repeated as champions of Major League Baseball’s American League. That accomplishment, though, is nothing compared to the repeat achieved by Interactive Intelligence. For the second straight year, they were honored with the highest award in the contact center field, as given by Frost & Sullivan.

Interactive Intelligence was the recipient of the 2011 Contact Center Systems North America Company of the Year award. The recognition is given out once a year to one and only one vendor, according to Frost & Sullivan, using criteria such as: excellence in growth strategy and implementation; innovation in products and technology; and leadership in value and market penetration.

“Interactive Intelligence was the only top-one vendor in the contact center space to grow its business in all six sub-segments of the market in 2010,” Michael DeSalles, Frost & Sullivan’s principal analyst, said in a press release. “More impressively, the company grew in places where the market was crowded with well-established competitors, allowing Interactive Intelligence to surface as a legitimate rival of these top competitors.”

Having grown its customer base to over 4,000 companies in more than 90 countries since its founding in 1994, Interactive Intelligence has a strong reputation for creating its own applications which give customers simplified management, real-world solutions and significant cost reductions, according to company sources.

“We’re always looking for better ways to solve customer problems,” said Dr. Donald E. Brown, founder and CEO of Interactive Intelligence. “A good example of this is our latest real-time speech analytics application. It was immediately clear that customers wanted something that provided more timely information, was far simpler, and was more cost-effective than what was currently available. We’re really grateful for this Frost & Sullivan award because it recognizes these kinds of customer-focused development efforts and the steady growth we’ve achieved as a result.”

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