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SAP Global TeleManagement Group Implements Verint Systems' Solutions

October 16, 2007

Verint Systems Inc., a provider of analytic software-based solutions for workforce-enterprise optimization and security, has announced today that SAP Global TeleManagement Group of SAP AG, a business software solutions provider, has selected Verint’s integrated quality monitoring, speech and data analytics and eLearning software.

Planning to deploy the solution across seven global sites, the SAP Global TeleManagement Group will enjoy support for its focus on streamlining business processes and driving operational effectiveness throughout its contact centers and broader enterprise.
"We are very pleased to welcome the SAP Global TeleManagement Group as a global, multi-site customer - and look forward to working in support of its mission and focus on technology, service and resource excellence," said Nancy Treaster, senior vice president and general manager, Verint Witness Actionable Solutions, in a Tuesday statement.

"With our solutions, we aim to assist SAP in unlocking valuable information resources, improving supply chain efficiencies, and building strong customer relationships."

SAP has earned its position in the market by delivering a comprehensive range of solutions designed to empower business operations to more than 41,200 customers in more than 120 countries throughout the world.

The company’s Global TeleManagement Group – which performs inbound and outbound calls in support of SAP’s sales force – sought a solution to help align its multiple interaction touch points, leverage agent best practices in the lead development process, and measure marketing campaign effectiveness.

The Verint Witness Actionable Solutions software will enable SAP Global TeleManagement Group to apply powerful recording, speech and data analytics, and eLearning to help enhance performance across its people, processes and technologies.

”Leveraging technology from Verint Witness Actionable Solutions further supports our commitment to optimizing operational effectiveness and workforce performance," said Michael Kalinowski, senior vice president, SAP Global TeleManagement Group, in Tuesday’s statement.

"Attaining call recording, analytics and eLearning from a single provider was critical to our decision, as was Verint Witness Actionable Solutions' ability to understand the unique needs of our Global TeleManagement Group in context to our broader business.
With plans to roll the software out across global locations, we wanted to work with a proven supplier of innovative, forward-thinking technology - one that can holistically support us, and whose technology can meet our needs today and grow with us in the future."

The quality monitoring solution from Verint will allow SAP to ensure the consistent measurement of lead quality and agent effectiveness across all of its markets. SAP can also leverage the eLearning functionality by creating best-practice clips from recorded interactions and delivering targeted training content directly to the desktop.

SAP can also benefit from the automatically categorizing and analyzing of call content with speech analytics, as well as allowing the company to identify and act on calls containing competitive information, market opportunities and trends.

Data analytics monitors desktop activity of agents and back-office staff, tracking application use, data entry and screen content to renewal process issues, sending real-time alerts and providing important data for segmenting calls for quality evaluation and analysis.

The contact center industry is so dynamic that keeping up with everything that must be measured, captured, improved upon and so on can be quite the daunting task. In order to remain competitive, or even to survive, all of these things must be done and they must be done consistently and accurately.

SAP is set to improve its overall performance and efficiency with help from Verint as the analytic software provider delivers solutions that focus on every aspect of the contact center, from customer interactions to agent availability to market intelligence. When implemented and used to its full ability, Verint software solutions can help to drive optimal performance not only in the contact center, but throughout the enterprise.

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