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SaverExpress Reviews Adds Customer Experience Enhancements

December 26, 2013

With improving the customer experience, particularly employing multi-channel capabilities, a top priority of those running contact centers these days, I am always on the look-out for enterprises that are doing interesting things in the area.  And, if you are like so many people who value the wisdom of the crowd when planning personal activities, having access to trusted resources with a broad inventory of options can be invaluable. 

This is true whether it is for going to restaurants or movies, but is becoming a very powerful means for travel and hospitality industries.  It is why the inventory option enhancements to popular luxury travel site SaverExpress Reviews  are worth a look.  Indeed, with the holidays upon us, and next year’s travel plans very much top of mind, a virtual visit may be just the thing to help you get a handle on your physical travel plans.

With strong ties to many of the world’s most prestigious travel brands, Saver Express has added significantly to the inventory it offers members who can partake of information from what the company says is, “The largest travel vendor alliance in existence based on inventory availability.”   They also tout their differentiated value arising from the quality of the feedback they receive from members, one of the areas where the company has upped its game.  

Actionable insights from members and more

To better serve its discerning membership SaverExpress has expanded its website to multiple language formats. Members can select from over 50 languages, including everything from French, Dutch, Swedish, Greek, and many more.  In addition, it has highlighted member's appreciation of the live call-in center, as well as how simple and easy it was to begin planning their vacation experiences.  The live call-in center affords members a truly personalized experience, from a staff of highly trained and knowledgeable associates. 

The contact center solutions business is transforming as enterprises seek to find the best mix of customer interaction capabilities to meet both their and their customers’ needs.  Self-service has become an important part of the mix because of its ease of use and convenience for customers along with the stress it take off contact center agents who can spend more time solving non-trivial requests. 

It is striking the balance so that customers not only get what they expect but can be turned into brand loyalists that SaverExpress is indicative of.  It puts customers at ease by enabling them to communicate in their language of preference while giving them the personal touch of being able to interact with a live agent should the need arise.  This is critical not just for handling high-end customers and their expectations, but also is not a bad model for handling everyone.  

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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