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TMCNet:  T-ROC Solves Retail's Leading Customer Complaint With Invention Of VIBA

[June 16, 2021]

T-ROC Solves Retail's Leading Customer Complaint With Invention Of VIBA

MIAMI, June 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Revenue Optimization Companies (T-ROC), the leading provider of people and technology solutions for the global retail market, has created the solution to retail consumers' number one complaint – finding a truly helpful salesperson. VIBA is the Virtual Interactive Brand Ambassador T-ROC has spent years creating and introduced during the pandemic. VIBA provides a new paradigm shift for connecting customers with expert agents and/or with a bot named Valerie (think Siri or Alexa) who can answer questions, discuss particular use-cases, play videos, product specs, discounts, display and print relevant paperwork, and offer product demonstrations. VIBA brings a completely new customer experience for shoppers that need immediate answers on a particular product or service.  VIBA's all-new website is now live at and includes video demonstrations and the ability to book a demo where business can learn how to improve conversion rates, drive revenue, increase coverage, strengthen brand loyalty and improve customer satisfaction – all while lowering costs and elevating current team productivity.

Some of the biggest advantages of VIBA for customers is immediate and correct attention at the customer's pace. There's no more waiting on a salesperson. Always access the right agent for the question at hand. In a pandemic world, a completely contactless virtual assistant also reduces face-to-face interactions for a safer experience. Another key benefit of VIBA is that it can be tailored to a store's clients; based on local demographics, in-store traffic, and other key elements that impact the customer experience. VIBA's bots are multi-lingual and can recognize what language a client is speaking and adjust accordingly. If a retailer has a customer base that primarily speaks Spanish, VIBA can bridge the language barrier by transferring customers to a Spanish-speaking agent for clear and easy assistance. he same can be said with a particular knowledge an agent may have as a subject matter expert. Through its proprietary smart and adaptive queuing and routing technology, a customer always gets to the right agent, all the time.

Customers can access VIBA through a QR-code, Smart sign or Weblink. Once VIBA is alive, customers can activate a rich full and professionally curated user experience on their desktops, phones, and mobile devices – transforming stores' online sales and support channels into uniquely appealing dynamic journeys. VIBA combines a branded, responsive microsite providing in-context videos, documents, links, contacts, and events as well as customized forms, 3D photorealistic augmented reality images, and seamless e-commerce and CRM integration.

"An issue for many consumers is the post-purchase experience. After buying a product, particularly often-complicated technology like a TV, computer or cell phone, customers are usually left without any assistance on how to set up or operate their newly purchased product," said Brett Beveridge, CEO and founder of T-ROC. "Imagine being able to scan a QR code on a product's installation guide and instantly be transferred into a VIBA experience with the knowledge, documentation, specs, warranty, and other information assets that will help the customer to get the best out of a newly purchased product.  VIBA does just that."

All of VIBA's unique smart and adaptive routing and queuing is multi-lingual and multi-attributed, with proprietary algorithms that take into consideration where customers are located, what they are looking for, what language they speak, and other key considerations that directly impact the customer experience. Valerie, (our VIBA bots) can even sense how knowledgeable a client is about a particular product or service and connect them with a well-informed agent for assistance.

Clear and effective communications that are ongoing build and solidify a lasting relationship with customers. VIBA is the prime vehicle and new solution that gets it done.

To learn more about VIBA and request a demo, visit, and to learn more about The Revenue Optimization Companies (T-ROC), visit Follow T-ROC on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

T-ROC is a retail branding and consulting partner that supports companies in navigating through today's retail shopping experience, redefining the power of people and technology. T-ROC offers a unique combination of people-based services, applications, technology management, mystery shopping programs, actionable market research and competitive insights that support the complex needs of assisted selling. T-ROC's expertise and next-generation technology is delivered by a team that's all in to drive sales, optimize performance and deliver measurable ROI for businesses every single day.

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