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TMCNet:  Netbiscuits: Industry-First Analytics Puts Customer Experience at the Heart of Mobile Strategy

[October 16, 2013]

Netbiscuits: Industry-First Analytics Puts Customer Experience at the Heart of Mobile Strategy

SAN FRANCISCO --(Business Wire)--

Netbiscuits (News - Alert), the global leader in software solutions for mobile web experiences, has today taken another major step towards helping brands design faster and more adaptive mobile web experiences with the launch of Netbiscuits Analytics. The breakthrough product allows companies to analyze detailed device and contextual information of mobile visitors to their website in order to serve faster and more relevant web page content. The result is an industry-first solution that guarantees better user experience and mobile marketing strategies. The product will be available worldwide in the coming weeks.

Key features:

  • Server side and client side Device detection and Reporting
    Netbiscuits Analytics provides brands with device detection capability based on Netbiscuits award-winning device library, a manually tested database of over 750 parameters covering over 6000 device profiles around the world. Key data available includes exact screen sizes by manufacturer and model number, versioning of browser and device OS, detailed benchmarks on device features such as battery status, bandwidth quality, HTML5 capabilities and video functionality, allowing companies to deliver a faster and more adaptive web experience than Responsive Web Design can do alone.
  • Customer profiling
    Also launching is a highly intuitive Netbiscuits Device Context Service User Interface which allows companies to easily create customer profiles based on the newly acquired analytic reports. This enables companies to deliver adaptive wbsites using standards such as HTML5 and Responsive Web Design.
  • Trend analysis

    Used over time, Netbiscuits Analytics gives insight into how mobile web users are adopting new technologies such as NFC, GPS, and how quickly new screen sizes and device features are being used in order to help brands accurately prepare for tomorrow's mobile landscape.

"In the age of big data, mobile analytics needs to be at the heart of any successful mobile strategy," commented Mike Ellsworth, Program Director at CareerOneStop, America's premier source for employment information. "Understanding the context and behavior of our customers means that I can prioritize any technical developments so that those made will generate maximum return. Making business decisions based on data instantly improves onsite conversion and reduces risk."

"Most companies today are still basing their mobile web strategies on guesswork due to limited availability of detailed and accurate mobile device data and analytic tools. This makes them very cautious and can cause a lot of wasted time in development and lost customers who are getting a website that doesn't work. The complexity and high fragmentation of the mobile web means that designing an effective mobile strategy requires much more information about the users accessing mobile websites than most companies use today," commented Daniel Weisbeck, CMO and COO of Netbiscuits. "The launch of the Netbiscuits Analytics product means the days of brands making decisions based on guesswork is gone. Every decision a brand makes can and should be underpinned by hard data, not anecdotes based on the latest device hype. Well-informed web decisions are crucial to ensure customers are delivered an optimized mobile experience."

In 2013 Analytics and Business Intelligence was the top ranking technology priority for CIO's1. Despite this, performance is still often cited as the biggest problem area for mobile users, with 41%2 stating that speed is the most important thing to them when using their mobile device for web browsing. Netbiscuits Analytics is designed specifically to provide insights into mobile device and context. Combining a cloud-based development platform, with industry-expert professional services teams, the world's first mobile web analytics solution is designed to help brands deliver great mobile experiences for all connected devices.

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Netbiscuits is the global leader in software solutions for mobile web experiences. The Netbiscuits Cloud Platform helps reduce the cost, time and risk involved in developing mobile web applications that deliver a customized, superior mobile user experience across all connected devices. For more information, please visit:

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