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TMCNet:  F5 Networks Purchases Traffix Systems

[February 23, 2012]

F5 Networks Purchases Traffix Systems

Feb 23, 2012 (Close-Up Media via COMTEX) -- F5 Networks, Inc., a provider of Application Delivery Networking, announced that it has agreed to acquire Traffix Systems, a provider of 4G Diameter signaling products for telecommunications service providers.

According to a release, the Diameter protocol has gained industry-wide acceptance by the 3GPP and GSMA as the standard for network signaling in all 4G/LTE networks.

"Leading industry experts and service providers recognize the need for converged and unified IP solutions across carriers' control, data, and application planes, which scale, secure, and optimize 3G, 4G/LTE, and IMS traffic," said John McAdam, President and CEO of F5 Networks. "The result is a dramatic reduction of complexity and costs, making service provider networks more agile. With this move, F5 continues to execute on the company's vision of delivering an adaptable architecture to enable its customers to create a smart, converged carrier IP infrastructure." Mobile data traffic is increasing at an enormous rate, driving many mobile operators to switch from a 3G network to all-internet protocol (IP) network, such as LTE, to manage the high volume of traffic and provide a quality customer experience. The Diameter protocol plays a vital role in the management of 4G LTE and IMS networks and 3G charging and policy deployments. Diameter control via routing, load balancing and gateway solutions are critical to effectively building and monetizing networks by enabling them to offer advanced 4G services.

"Diameter traffic is mission critical for any carrier moving to 4G/LTE and IMS architectures. It enables billing, subscriber management, and interoperability between core IP systems and between carriers themselves," said John Byrne, Research Director Wireless and Mobile Infrastructure service at IDC. "With the load and complexity of mobile data network traffic growing dramatically, mobile operators require expertise in the data and application plane, in the form of converged IP services, and in the control plane with advanced Diameter routing, load balancing and gateway capabilities." "Bringing together F5's superior expertise in IP for applications and data with Traffix's industry leadership in Diameter and signaling for the control plane, F5 has the unique depth and breadth to make the transition from 3G to 4G and IMS much simpler, cost effective, and non-disruptive for carriers," said Ben Volkow, CEO of Traffix Systems.

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