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TMCNet:  Cypherbridge includes a nationwide cellular data plan in partnership with Wyless Group

[May 06, 2011]

Cypherbridge includes a nationwide cellular data plan in partnership with Wyless Group

(ENP Newswire Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) ENP Newswire - 06 May 2011 Release date- 05052011 - The AK200 Point-of-Sale Application Kit provides a project-ready solution for the rapidly growing market for secure payment transaction card-present applications.

Vending systems, laundry facilities, coffee kiosks and parking systems are but a few examples of non-traditional POS terminals. These cashless systems can now scan credit cards, ATM cards, and pre-loaded ISO-7816 smart cards to transact conveniently and securely, eliminating the need for coin or currency based sales. These POS terminals can be centrally managed to vary time-of-day or event rates, track usage patterns, increase operator revenue, plus deliver improved self-diagnostic alerts and field service.

The AK200 standards based approach and direct connect model eliminates proprietary intermediate proxy servers, hosting and expense, resulting in lower system capital and maintenance costs.

Solution Block Diagram The AK200 software and hardware building blocks are shown in the following diagram: POS Client Application The client uses the uSSL library to securely connect over wired or wireless WAN with payment clearing house servers, and includes sample credit card authorization and transactions. Using an encrypted card reader, or uSSL library to encrypt track information, the transaction is securely processed with the clearing house servers.

uSSL Security Library The industry proven uSSL embedded SDK provides the low-footprint MCU based security foundation, implementing SSL/TLS encryption and hash algorithms to connect with cloud-based transaction servers.

Low Power Microcontroller The AK200 is hosted on an industry leading low-power microcontroller (MCU). This system-on-chip processes the Client application, low-memory footprint uSSL SDK, and wireless connection. The MCU is well-suited to a power-managed product design.

Wireless Connectivity Low cost WLAN and M2M cellular modems provide the connectivity between the terminal and internet. Using TCP offload into the wireless device, this reduces the memory footprint and cost for the system MCU.

Cellular modems are activated on carrier networks through a wireless data plan partner. This project-ready relationship eliminates the need to negotiate data service, and the nationwide carrier insures capacity and coverage.

Payment Clearing House The client terminal application is pre-tested with the payment house servers. The uSSL security layer and client application, work in tandem to securely process authorizations and transactions. A range of transaction models can be used including PCI-DSS, encrypted swipe, and hosted payment models.

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