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TMCNet:  How to become a VoIP Reseller

[February 10, 2008]

How to become a VoIP Reseller

Companies need to have a futuristic vision to survive and emerge victorious in an increasingly competitive world order. It is in their interests to look out for new opportunities. There should be a drive from within to make a mark of excellence in the collective psyche of customers and end users; and one of the ways to make this happen is to invest in new ventures and innovative technologies.

One could take VoIP, as a case in point. This latest innovation in the realms of communication is generating a lot of hype and hoopla. And not without reason. Voice over IP has facilitated communication – especially the long distance ones. Users can now connect with people in another part of the world efficiently and economically. Diverse sections of people as well as corporate users from different sectors are showing a lot of interest in this high-end technology. The market conditions are volatile – to say the least. This gives the much needed opportunity to VoIP resellers. And the good news is that certain companies can now make the most of these buoyant market conditions and become a reseller quite easily.

The key question that can be put forward in this context is 'how'. What should be the path that companies have at their disposal to make a hassle free transition from being 'just a provider' to being 'provider of VoIP services.' It is quite evident that the corporate entities that are becoming VoIP resellers are not regretting their decisions any which way. As a matter of fact, they are making the most of VoIP reseller opportunities and offering high-end call termination services to their end users, customers and clients, albeit through the support of the ISPs.

VoIP resellers need to identify the service providers and carriers of repute for specific areas in which they want to operate.

The second step involves leasing out of VoIP switches from them. Thirdly, the resellers would be selling VoIP reseller services to the end users using these sophisticated switches. Potential resellers have to ascertain that the end users are happy with the quality of their services. The selection of service providers and carriers become important in this context.

Certain points need to be kept in mind while selecting a service provider. The quality of service should be optimum. The rates at which the switches are available should be competitive. And last but not the least, the provider should be able to offer technical assistance to any potential reseller – every time that it requires the same.

A reseller in VoIP plays an important role in the communication value chain. It ensures that the high end IP telephony solutions reach a maximum number of users – who could be located in even remote areas of the world. Two constraints need to be satisfied by any individual, institution or corporate entity wishing to becoming a VoIP reseller.

1.First and foremost, they need to have a physical presence in a particular geographical area with a large base of customers, to which they can provide their services.
2.Secondly, these entities would also require a efficient and effective team of marketing professionals that can help them to market the high-end services.

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