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[November 11, 2004]

Y Explorations to Open Proprietary C-Based Hardware Design Language

LAKE FOREST, Calif. --(Business Wire)-- Nov. 11, 2004 -- Y Explorations Inc. today announced the public release of HY-C, an extension to ISO/ANSI-C developed jointly by Y Explorations and Renesas Technology Corp. Intended to facilitate modeling, simulation, synthesis and verification for C-based hardware design flow, HY-C is one of only a handful of languages that contains explicit syntactical support for timed and untimed behavior.

A true superset of ISO/ANSI-C, the HY-C language is a semi-formal imperative notation for specifying the behavior of hardware portions of complex systems-on-a-chip (SoC). Its development has been guided by five objectives. The language must be:

-- Simple, based on a widely known structured programming language adding only limited, concise and necessary extensions.

-- Flexible for modeling styles and computation models, permitting a wide range of cycle-accurate hardware modeling styles and architectures.

-- Executable or easily converted to existing industry-standard simulateable/executable languages.

-- Synthesizable by existing, commercially available synthesis tools into cost-effective hardware.

-- Verifiable using state-of-the-art technology.

HY-C extends ISO/ANSI-C with cycle constraints, concurrency and communication, and provides novel solutions to pipeline modeling and high-speed channel communication.

A subset of HY-C is currently synthesizable by Y Explorations' eXCite Expert behavioral synthesis tool.


The HY-C Language Reference Manual (LRM) in PDF form is available now from Y Explorations. Visit for more information.

About Y Explorations Inc.

Y Explorations Inc. is a pioneer in the field of electronic design automation software that enables the rapid and effective design of embedded systems and reuse of complex semiconductors. YXI's products are used by designers of integrated circuits including system-on-a-chip, for next-generation telecommunication and networking systems and devices, as well as portable electronic products such as cell phones, computers and printers. YXI's behavioral and interface synthesis software allows a seamless design flow between design specification and today's hardware design flow.

The company is located in Orange County, Calif.'s Spectrum Technology Center at 25691 Atlantic Ocean, Suite B-17, Lake Forest, CA 92630. Telephone 949-457-0294, Fax 949-457-0437, e-mail:

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