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Interactive Intelligence Wins TMC Labs Innovation Award for its Business Process Automation Solution

August 31, 2010

Interactive Intelligence has won a 2010 TMC Labs Innovation Award for its business process automation solution, Interaction Process Automation (IPA), which utilizes an organization’s communications network as a framework for automating routine “people-centric” processes.

IPA, a module which works with Interactive Intelligence’s unified communications platform, Customer Interaction Center (CIC), was designed to help customers get even greater return on their investment in UC through the provision of a streamlined method for automating core business processes.

“Interactive Intelligence has taken a truly innovative approach to business process automation by using its unified IP communications platform to capture, prioritize, route, escalate and track work through each step of a business process,” said TMC Labs Chief Technical Officer and Executive Technology Editor Tom Keating, in a statement. “As a result, IPA gives customers the ability to automate and track both existing and entirely new business processes -- from start to finish -- thus providing significant and measurable ROI.”

Developed as an alternative to process management suites and tool-kits that embed communications into applications, IPA is perfect for mid-size to large organizations across all industries that are seeking to automate multi-step, people-centric business processes. In addition, an IPA implementation can increase process efficiency and reduced operational costs.

“In researching existing BPA solutions we found customers lacked a good choice between the traditionally costly and complex suites, and the tool-kits that can trigger notifications and communications but rely on other applications to perform automation,” said Interactive Intelligence founder and CEO, Dr. Donald Brown.

“So we created IPA using our existing communications platform to give customers everything they need for a cost-effective and truly complete solution – from a graphical authoring interface and service-oriented architecture, to monitoring and reporting capabilities,” Brown added.

The TMC Labs Innovation Awards is now in its 11th year and aims to honor those ground-breaking products that have helped to advance unified communications.

In other Interactive Intelligence news, the company recently announced that it was listed at the 16th spot out of 42 companies listed within the Indiana Chamber of Commerce's “large companies” category. The company was also given the recognition of “best place to work,” for the fourth consecutive year.

Earlier this month ContactCenterSolutions reported that Interactive Intelligence is looking to gain a foothold in New Zealand and is campaigning with distribution and resale partner Amtel. This effort is being coordinated with the launch of IPA in the country.

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