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AnswerNet Introduces Pay-As-You-Go Answering Services

August 20, 2010

Allowing users to set up, fund and activate their live-receptionist answering service online within 30 minutes, AnswerNet has launched AnswerAmerica as a pay-as-you-go telephone answering service.

This easy to use pay as you go telephone answering service is supported by AnswerNet with 50 locations across North America. The company’s pay as you go telephone answering service is a proven, cost effective way to ensure your calls are always answered with no setup or monthly fee, claims AnswerNet.

By integrating quick, do-it-yourself account setup with the social networking capabilities of Twitter and the financial security of Google Checkout, the AnswerAmerica pay-as-you-go telephone answering service saves businesses time and money. With the help of AnswerAmerica, users can easily update their answering service status 24 hours a day. They will make use of #AnswerAmerica hashtag linked to their Twitter and AnswerAmerica accounts as well as a secure online customer portal for this purpose.

“AnswerNet is committed to supporting those customers who want a remarkable yet affordable answering service that fits with how businesses are using the Internet and social networks," says AnswerNet President and CEO Gary Pudles. "The signup and message retrieval processes used by AnswerAmerica, along with Twitter integration and a Pay-As-You-Go payment structure, are designed specifically for small business and home-based entrepreneurs who require fast and easy management of their answering service.”

Making use of business contacts and social networking resources into increased earnings, users can also generate commissions as an AnswerAmerica referral partner. They can select several tiered plans with basic telephone answering services. All plans can be updated and activated from any device with an internet connection and they also include Twitter integration.

In February 2008, the company announced that it has been selected by AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) as a new addition to their National Employer Team. AARP’s National Employer Team program connects workers ages 50 and up with employers who recognize the value of their experience and skills. National Employment Team employers undertake a detailed application process to demonstrate their interest in hiring mature workers.

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