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Call Compliance Unveils Enhanced DialerID PRO

August 12, 2010

New York–based Call Compliance Inc., "CCI," a provider of technology-based compliance solutions for the teleservices industry, has announced that it added an Enhanced DialerID PRO system to its suite of products and services for the enterprise and contact center communities.

The Enhanced DialerID PRO is part of company’s Enhanced DialerID program which is designed to ensure proper Caller ID telephone number delivery with Name Display for contact centers.

CNAM is an intelligent network service. It displays the caller's name on the calling party's digital readout device. The calling party's name is also displayed in addition to the calling number. This facility allows contact centers to display both the CallerID and Caller Name for that specific outbound calling initiative - so calling customers is far more transparent and effective.

The new Web management tool works along with the company’s Enhanced DialerID application and offers subscribers real-time control of the CallerID and Caller Name “CNAM” information being transmitted from calling equipment to the target audience.

In addition, CCI maintains a large inventory of telephone numbers for contact centers to user for each target market.

By making use of CCI's targeted telephone numbers, contact centers will not only be in compliance by ensuring proper Name Display, but will also benefit from an improved answer rate and increased credibility within their calling areas, company officials claim.

Stefan Dunigan, CEO of Call Compliance, said, "Our customers spoke and we listened. Enhanced DialerID PRO allows contact centers to ensure proper Name Display and maintain compliance with the various telemarketing rules."

"Not only is Enhanced DialerID PRO easy to configure, we have made the ordering process simple and convenient. Turnaround is quick and our customers can usually be up and running within hours. We are attempting to focus on our customers by designing and deploying new value-added products and services."

Recently, NBS successfully integrated its Hosted V.o.I.C.E. service platform with Call Compliance’s Teleblock service.

Call Compliance’s Teleblock is a patented blocking system that automatically screens and blocks outbound calls in real-time against federal, state, wireless, third party and in-house Do-Not-Call lists.

Jayashree Adkoli is a contributing editor for ContactCenterSolutions. To read more of Jayashree's articles, please visit her columnist page.

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