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Datatel, Moneris Partner To Make IVR-Delivered Payment Solutions

July 23, 2010

Making payments via credit cards or other payments via the Web is easy, and secure. There’s no waits and the information shows up. And it is accomplished for far less money than having expensive live agents handle those simple transactions.

So shouldn’t it be that way via IVR, to avoid the sometimes long waits to reach live agents?

Datatel Systems and Moneris Solutions think so. Datatel, which provides IVR solutions and

Moneris, Canada's largest payment processor, have partnered to deliver telephone-based secure payment solutions to businesses and organizations that accept electronic payments over the phone.

Datatel has integrated Moneris Solutions' services with its Hosted IVR Telephone Payment Gateway solution, providing organizations with a safe, convenient and affordable way to accept credit cards and other electronic payments over the phone. In addition, the joint solution is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry's (PCI) security standards. Because Datatel's PCI Ready Telephone Payment Gateway is a hosted solution, implementation does not require special hardware or software licenses, or customized development, reducing expenses and ensuring, it says, rapid and worry-free implementation.

Moneris has at the same time made using the Interac debit card system in Canada to buy goods and services a lot easier. It now offers Interac Online, a new payment alternative available through Moneris' eSELECT plus eCommerce solution. Customers can now pay for a transaction online using their online banking information. With the Interac Online payment option merchants never see or store any confidential financial information. The Interac Online payment option reduces chargebacks which occurs with credit cards i.e. “I didn’t buy that” since every transaction made by it is authenticated by customers’ financial institutions. Merchants are also guaranteed funds from those purchases.

(Compared to the U.S., Canadian debit card use is far easier, straightforward and extremely popular. Canadians generally prefer debit to cash and credit cards for many transactions, even as low as a few dollars: no carrying lots of heavy ‘loonies’ and ‘toonies’ i.e. $1 and $2 coins respectively

“This partnership represents our continued commitment to deliver innovative, PCI compliant payment solutions to businesses across North America,” said David Ades, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Moneris Solutions. “We're very pleased that, together with Datatel, we can offer call center operators a convenient, cost-effective payment processing solution that is fully PCI compliant.”

“We are excited to be working with Moneris, one of North America's leading payment processors, to remove the barriers that have prevented organizations from cost-effectively implementing PCI compliant self-service payments by phone,” said Barnard Crespi, CEO of Datatel.

Brendan B. Read is ContactCenterSolutions’s Senior Contributing Editor. To read more of Brendan’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

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