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IBM Software Adopted by ZON Multimedia to Improve Customer Service

July 15, 2010

ZON Multimedia announced it will use IBM's software for consolidation of its IT and network management into a single view.

The single view will provide improved quality and distribution of cable services to ZON's customers.
An investment of 1.2 million Euros will help the cable operator's strategy to continuously improve customer service.
An intelligent network management and IT monitoring solution which could combine the various components of its infrastructure into a centralized view was needed by ZON. Greater visibility, control and automation were delivered to the enterprise by IBM's integrated service management solutions. IT and networking domains were connected by this solution.
The problems in a network can be easily identified and highlighted with the help of IBM software. ZON's operational team can therefore ensure signal and distribution quality by planning and scheduling maintenance. Scalability is delivered by the real-time, centralized monitoring of complex networks and IT domains. As a result, as ZON continues to expand its offerings it will be able to ensure high levels of customer service.
"A superior centralized platform for operational management is the foundation to meet ZON's future technical and business needs more efficiently," said Paulo Ribeiro, board member of ZON TVCabo, a company from ZON Multimedia group. "IBM software enables our network operations and IT staff to hone in on the most critical problems and even automate the isolation and resolution of those problems before impacting customers."
According to Scott Stainken, GM, IBM Global Telecommunications Industry, ZON can improve efficiencies and costs associated with maintaining network systems by having a single, real-time view to manage the network. The system will also help ZON to deliver consistently high level of customer service. In a release Stainken added, "IBM is pleased to be working with ZON as they exploit the capabilities of our service management solutions to deliver a differentiated customer experience in their marketplace."
Tivoli Netcool and Monitoring, Composite Application Manager, OMNibus and Network Manager will be leveraged by ZON to automate and integrate its IT and networking systems.


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