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Microsoft Intros Tellme Platform Central

June 03, 2010

Hosted speech rec-enabled automated voice response or IVR self-service is arguably one of the most versatile, caller-friendly and cost-effective channels there is for many types of interactions including simple billing, first level customer service and support, order entry and sales. With the economy starting to expand, leading to more product/service interest and calls, user-popular automated voice systems are becoming more necessary to divert inquiries away from expensive live agents while keeping and better yet boosting customer satisfaction.

The challenge has been to get people to use and stay in the automated self-service systems. Even speech rec can be frustrating sometimes. Therefore automated voice solutions require fine-tuning to maximize their ROI.
Microsoft Tellme has now taken automated voice to that end with Tellme Platform Central, the latest enhancement to its platform.  With Tellme Platform Central, businesses can gain more insight into their contact center performance and, most importantly, their customers' experience.
Microsoft Tellme Platform Central is, says the firm, 'business intelligence for the contact center', providing enterprises with powerful analytics and reporting, self-service provisioning and full documentation of technical data.
Developed with a focus on Task Completion Rate (TCR), Tellme Platform Central allows businesses to understand whether their customers completed their requested tasks.  TCRs provide 'the holistic insight needed to assess your IVR performance and increase efficiency, improve caller satisfaction and maximize ROI.'
Leveraging TCR, Microsoft Tellme Platform Central helps organizations achieve higher automation, provide exceptional customer experience and enhance performance: all of which contribute to brand loyalty and cost savings. This solution, which Microsoft Tellme says is agile and adaptive, provides the data firms need and the performance they and customers want.
This focus on TCR allows businesses to invest efficiently in changes that directly improve caller success, while also providing quantifiable visibility of progress toward business objectives, says the firm.
In a nutshell that means higher completion rates, fewer zero outs, greater customer satisfaction (always a challenge with automated voice), lower costs and hopefully greater profits.
Tellme Platform Central's features include:
--Customizable reporting, which enables tracking performance by tasks and user segments unique to each application
--Improved application analytics that permits gaining a deeper understanding of customer behavior
--Sophisticated access control. This is a simple intuitive interface for project-level and resource-level access control
--Self-services telephony provisioning. This feature permits provisioning and managing the telephony settings for your applications running on Tellme
--Quick access to technical documentation. There is an online library aggregates documentation and support in single area
Microsoft Tellme Platform Central is now available for existing customers as part of the Tellme IVR service at no additional charge.  More than 40 million people use Tellme every month to reach the people, businesses and information they need on the phone.
'While automation and call containment rates give a glimpse into IVR performance, these measurements only tell one side of the story,' says Microsoft Tellme. 'Understanding the experience at the other end of the line enables you to provide the best possible self-service for your callers.'