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AccuData's AccuPortal Offers Reseller Clients Resources to Succeed

May 05, 2010

Two programs were launched by Florida-based AccuData Integrated Marketing, a provider of database marketing services.

AccuData today launches AccuPortal - a free online resource that not only offers reseller clients sales and marketing tools but also a cash-based incentive program, AccuCash, and the industry's only Money-Back Data Guarantee.

AccuData uses a full range of data resources, powerful marketing analytics and database technology to accurately target qualified buyers and increase Return on Investment or ROI.

Resellers can develop new leads, capture new business and elevate customer service levels with the help of the free online resource, AccuPortal. AccuPortal is also an online, customizable marketing tool through which resellers can develop new sources of revenue, capture new business and elevate the level of customer service to their clients and prospects.

Reseller clients can help drive performance by downloading AccuData's data cards and product sheets through AccuPortal. These data cards and product sheers can be customized using client reseller's logo, contact information and pricing structure. General sales techniques and tips for reselling AccuData products and services are covered with the online sales training sessions.

AccuCash is a program that pays an annual cash benefit on all qualified purchases as a form of reward to all the resellers. The industry's first Money-Back Data Guarantee for purchase of both B2B and B2C data files including scored data is being offered by AccuData. AccuData will refund the purchase price of the data, if reseller is not satisfied with the data performance.

"Partnership is a cornerstone of AccuData's relationship with our reseller clients, it's something we take very seriously. The economy is beginning to move and right now a great way we can help our resellers is to provide them the same powerful sales sand marketing tools our own sales team uses every day," said Joshua Goff, executive vice president of sales, marketing and product development for AccuData. "And to further illustrate our level of commitment, we decided to make it free, to reward our reseller partners a with user-based cash benefit program and to stand behind the data we provide with our Money-Back Data Guarantee."

For more information on AccuPortal, visit AccuData's website at

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