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ClickFox's Customer Product Suite to Enhance Customer Experience

April 15, 2010

ClickFox has a proven track record of helping world-class service providers dramatically boost operational efficiency and profitability.    

Reputed for its customer experience analytics software and solutions, CEA for short, ClickFox has announced the launch of customer experience analytics Insight, CEAi.

This is a new industry research service that maps complete customer experience and helps to identify areas of improvement across interaction channels. In its research engagements, ClickFox's expert professional services benchmarks an organizations' customer experience against ClickFox's nationwide customer interactions across service channels.

The outcome revealed valuable insights around key service points that were very compelling. Results indicated that customer behavior within and across channels offered scope for considerable improvement.

Initial CEAi findings revealed a critical need for companies to focus on improving voice self-service, and an increased need to identify where the self -service experiences could be made more intuitive and effective.

The most compelling findings and proven best practices of category leaders for optimizing voice self-service is detailed in a market brief, available for download.

Based on years of expertise delivering cross-channel insights to Fortune 500 organizations across industries, ClickFox has identified the most important factors that contributed to increased operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and retention.

ClickFox discovered that relatively small improvement in the right areas would have a tremendous impact. This was more so in environments that dealt with heavy transaction volumes.

CEA officials said that industry research would include in-depth industry-specific and cross-industry market briefs that identified key metrics related to customer interaction and also to self-service effectiveness. The data is expected to be available every four months.

As ClickFox adds news features to its CEA product suite, the data bank would become richer, and over time, it was also expected to include executive-level comparisons.

A global financial services organization realized over $60 million in savings after improving their self service containment rate by just 2 percent with insights from cross-channel analytics.

ClickFox is the defining leader of customer experience analytics  software and solutions. Transcending a limited single channel view, ClickFox CEA patented behavioral analysis engine provides a visually intuitive mapping of all customer interactions, delivering unparalleled visibility to uncover hidden connections and reveal bottom-line customer insights.

Very fittingly, ClickFox is meeting the surging demand for accurate, actionable customer experience insight and best practices to continuously exceed expectations.

Mini Swamy is a contributing editor for ContactCenterSolutions. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Marisa Torrieri