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Ekahau Announces Zero-Risk RTLS Installation

February 08, 2010

Ekahau Inc., a company that offers -based RTLS solutions, reportedly announced a new program where customers can purchase and use the Ekahau RTLS system, and receive their money back if they are not satisfied with the solution's performance.

According to the company this is first of its kind in the industry that will allow customers have risk-free way to take advantage of the benefits of enterprise-grade, -based location tracking applications within their organizations.
Users can try Ekahau’s RTLS, which is entirely software-based, making it easy to deploy and scale across large campuses or over multi-campus installations because it leverages a customer's existing WiFi infrastructure.
Even with marginal WiFi coverage, Ekahau RTLS guarantees to provide superior performance, on the layout of the customer's existing WiFi network.It also uses the company’s heat-mapping technology and RF algorithms to create easy-to-understand visual performance reports on the network.
Tuomo Rutanen, senior vice president of worldwide marketing and business development at Ekahau said their company offers customers peace of mind that the Ekahau RTLS solution will work as promised. He said that they offer market-leading location tracking solution that operates on and integrates with the existing WiFi network and all of this is accomplished without the need for more sensors, cabling, exciters and readers to be installed.

According to Rutanen, many organizations investigating the various RFID, RTLS and other location tracking technologies on the market will not get a clear picture of how the system would work when installed campus wide, or what cost overruns for additional infrastructure may arise, by just using small, localized pilots of those solutions.
The Ekahau Zero-Risk System Guarantee is available to new customers. Prior to installation, officials from Ekahau will conduct a site audit in order to develop a comprehensive performance report, which will serve as the basis of the system's performance guarantee. 

Once the system is installed, a customer will have 30 days to review the system, ensuring that it performs as promised. If customers find any faults with the system, Ekahau promises to fix the problems at no cost or refund the cost of the system.

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