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One Negative Call Center Experience Turns off 68 Percent of Customers

January 26, 2010

A single negative experience with a customer call center would likely cause 68 percent of the respondents to take their business elsewhere, according to a recent survey released by Teleperformance, an outsourced contact center vendor. 

The results of the customer care survey, Teleperformance officials said, show that the quality of experience with a company's customer contact center determines consumer sentiment and brand loyalty.  

Survey results also revealed consumers expect excellent service in return for brand loyalty, finding that 87 percent of people felt they had a right to a better contact center experience if they regularly spend money with a company or stay loyal to a brand. 

Almost exactly half of people said the main reason for their dissatisfaction with a company is poor customer service or a bad contact center experience.  

The survey was commissioned by Teleperformance and conducted by YouGov. Over 1,000 U.S. adult consumers completed the survey recently. 

“In a tight economy, retaining customers is critical,” said Dominic Dato, Executive Chairman of Teleperformance USA. “Companies can't afford not to make quality customer service a priority.”

Recently Teleperformance has announced a new customer experience concept, Teleperformance Platinum, with “affordable” pricing. The program allows the customer's environment to be “reproduced at the agent workstation to address specific customer demands, ranging from complex issues related to technical support to building strategic relationships,” vendor officials said.

Just after Christmas TMC's Brendan Read reported that Teleperformance has expanded its Latin American BPO footprint, “growing its nearshore/offshore business and tapping the region’s growing domestic markets, with a deal to buy Colombian outsourcer Teledatos.”

It already has contact centers in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, Read wrote, plus in the Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Mexico:

“Teledatos, with expected 2009 revenues of approximately $75 million, has operations in Bogota and Medellin, using more than 6,000 agents. It services major clients in various industry sectors, including telecommunications, transportation, tourism, utilities, retail and health,” he said.

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