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Toshiba Goes Live With Call Manager

January 20, 2010

Toshiba has added inbound contact center heft to its Strata CIX family of IP business communication systems with the Strata Call Manager, the firm’s new unified communications “UC” solution now available through its authorized dealer network.

The move appears to strengthen Toshiba in a sophisticated marketplace that places a premium on a high degree of functionality and reliability. UC tools are getting on corporate radar screens as they seek to improve customer retention and sales by quickly connecting customers with subject matter experts who can assist them.
Strata Call Manager’s features and capabilities include:
*          Presence Viewer to display the status of other users
*          Instant Messaging/chat
*          Desktop call control from PCs. Strata Call Manager gives users complete desktop call control using their PCs rather than desk telephones
*          Customized call handling, which gives users the ability to drag and drop incoming calls to either voicemail or another extension
*          Outbound dialing from any application. Strata Call Manager is compatible with many popular contact programs, including Microsoft Outlook®, Act!®, and Tigerpaw®.  Users can highlight any phone number from any application and perform a quick dial for click-to-dial outbound dialing from virtually any application
*          CRM integration with screen pops. Strata Call Manager is compatible with many popular CRM programs, including Act!, Tigerpaw, and®, giving users the ability to integrate their call management with their CRM applications of choice and enjoy screen pops and other integration benefits
Incorporated into Strata Call Manager are several companion applications including:
*          Contacts, which provides directory features to look up and dial other extensions with a click of the mouse, and access the Presence Viewer
*          History, which automatically creates a log of calls dialed, received, and missed
*                      ACD Viewer, which enables users to view the status of the contact center groups to
which they belong
*          Web browser, which provides access to Internet or Intranet locations or direct access to local
HTML files
Strata Call Manager’s Ribbon GUI is based on the Microsoft Fluent User Interface, making it easy to use and manage. The Ribbon groups all the common features and functionalities together to make it fast and easy to find the feature or functionality needed.  The Ribbon format features multiple tabs, each of which is broken down into groups. Each tab has a specific function, and all the buttons in that tab support that function.
All of the buttons in the Strata Call Manager are created equal and can be programmed as any other button.  In addition, other buttons can be added for ACD functionality. Each button companion application can hold eight banks of 64 buttons per bank, giving users the ultimate in flexibility and customizability.  Buttons can be programmed by the user for:  feature codes, speed dialing, system/PBS commands, user-defined actions, ACD keys, DSS extension keys, Web keys, and running programs.
“Toshiba’s New Strata Call Manager gives enterprise and SMB users a highly effective unified communications solution that delivers the capabilities they want in a friendly graphical user interface,” said Shahin Hatamian, vice president of Product Management for Toshiba America Information Systems Inc., Telecommunication Systems Division. 

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