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Free White Paper from SPSS: Enhancing Survey Research with Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing

December 03, 2009

Despite those some bleak 19th century predictions that the invention of the telephone would offer little value to the business world, the device has become of the most dominant technologies today.
The invention, while useful on several business counts, has played a vital role in survey and market research. Today, researchers make billions of telephone calls to survey people’s opinions about a variety of topics – everything from new products to their thoughts on new governmental leaders.

One company in particular, SPSS Inc., a Chicago-based predictive analytics software and solutions provider, is helping researchers meet their survey and market research needs with its so-called “Dimensions” service, its enterprise survey and analysis suite.
With the growing evolution of technology, the days of using paper forms to complete surveys are long over. Today, companies are leveraging the telephone, as well as the Internet, to reach a broader sample and gain more results. This multi-modal interviewing technique, which combines the quick-turnaround of Web surveys with the deeper insights and larger representation offered from by telephone interviews is a main feature of SPSS Inc.’s platform for Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing, or CATI.
As described in SPSS Inc.’s white paper, “Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing,” CATI interviewing uses two Dimensions components—mrInterview CATI and mrDialer— which work together. The mrDialer is a hardware and software
telephony system, which offers advanced options to boost telephone research productivity and the data the quality.
Meanwhile, mrInterview CATI is a module of mrInterview, which is the Dimensions survey fielding and data collection engine.
It provides features and capabilities to help users manage telephone interviews with numbers of participants and control the telephone dialing functions of mrDialer.
The white paper is available for download from ContactCenterSolutions’s White Paper Library.
A more in-depth explanation about the features developed by SPSS Inc. is available in the free, 10-page white paper here.

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