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Avaya Launches New Aura-Enabled Notification Solutions

November 02, 2009

Automated notifications are a powerful customer care, customer-relationship-building, and organizational tool that provides vital information. By alerting customers and staff to issues in real time it enables immediate resolution to the relief and satisfaction of all parties. At the same time they can provide good news, such as of immediate opportunities to save money from firms consumers do business with, such as their mortgages lender offering lower interest rates.

Avaya has reportedly unveiled two new applications that use advanced unified communications and customer service technologies to address such urgent business and customer service needs. These tools, the Avaya Notification Solution and a mortgage module on the Avaya Proactive Outreach for Financial Services are enabled by Avaya Aura, which is the company’s enterprise communications-supporting platform.
ANS is a new Session Initiation Protocol-based multimodal application aimed at enabling immediate organization response to issues and needs. When a critical event occurs, such as a sudden influx of orders from a hot new product or a health emergency ANS facilitates the flow of urgent information by notifying a pre-determined group of people, and if required, bringing them together on a conference call. It can be triggered by an administrator or automatically by a third party application.
ANS can notify first-line response members, such as  employees and community members, using any communications mode including voice, e-mail, and text and confirm if a person received an alert. If ANS can’t reach a person’s first contact preference, it tries the next preferred mode or party.
In a business setting, for example, a retailer can integrate ANS with an inventory management system to help out during the busy holiday season. ANS can detect if a popular product is on backorder, notify the right department representatives, and bring them onto a conference call to determine a plan of action.
Or if there is a crisis like deadly H1N1 outbreak, ANS can marshal additional healthcare professionals to take care of victims and determine where to send limited doses of the vaccine to prevent more people from contracting the illness.
"The Avaya Notification Solution is a real breakthrough in that it helps take the chaos out of urgent situations by enabling users to have structured communications with the right people in order to reach the right resolution,” said Ajay Kapoor, managing director Avaya Professional Services, in a statement.
Avaya Proactive Outreach for Financial Services, which was previously introduced with capabilities to manage collections on past due accounts, now has automated mortgage modification capabilities. This helps ease the process of making customers aware of their eligibility for mortgage modifications, and the status of their applications.
The solution can identify candidates for mortgage modifications and through self service, call and notify them of their eligibility under the federal government’s 2009 Home Affordability Modification Program. The solution will walk them through the pre-qualification process and provide instructions for completing applications. Proactive Outreach calls can also be made to inform customers about their application status – with instructions for missing or incomplete documents – to keep the process moving.
“Proactive Outreach for Mortgage Modifications is tremendous asset to lending institutions as it helps them manage the overwhelming number of inquiries for Mortgage Modifications while also being proactive in communicating those opportunities to the public,” Kapoor said. “For financial institutions it is extremely helpful as well, since it can easily integrate and get going quickly when the bank or lender needs it. There are even customizable scripts that come with the solution so that integration can be sped up faster.”

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