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ResponseTek:CEM Offers Contact Centers the Voice of the Customer

May 03, 2007

Innovations in contact center solutions are a necessity in the industry to keep abreast of the latest technologies so centers can maintain a competitive advantage. Contact centers consistently rely on vendors to produce applications that promote their business processes, enabling them to focus on the business of serving customers.

In an effort to meet this growing demand, ResponseTek Networks Corp., an enterprise Customer Experience Management (CEM) vendor, has announced enhancements to its contact center solution.
ResponseTek:CEM Contact Center solution is designed to help organizations achieve consistency and improve quality in their contact centers by adding the voice of the customer to every day operations. Having access to this valuable, but often missing information allows organizations with in-house and outsourced contact centers around the world to pinpoint which agents delight customers, identify which customers hang up as brand advocates or opponents, and quickly fix issues affecting customers.
Through the effective monitoring of each customer interaction from the customers’ perspective, organizations can gain insight into the agents, teams, and contact centers that exceed or fall short of customer expectations. ResponseTek:CEM maps thousands of customer interactions each day across even the most complex organizational structures to pinpoint the areas are most in need of attention.

When using the ResponseTek:CEM, companies are able to monitor outsourced call quality and gain real-time information regarding how outsourced agents are representing their brand.

That said, while it is vital to know whether or not a customer is a brand advocate, this information alone is not enough. Fortunately, ResponseTek:CEM allows for the pairing of traditional contact center metrics, such as time-on-hold and call resolution, with customer experience information to reveal actionable improvements that will build customer advocacy, an indicator that closely correlates to sustainable growth.
In the contact center, front-line employees are responsible for delivering the brand promise during every customer interaction, yet they are often the individuals who are the furthest removed from business performance metrics. ResponseTek:CEM helps to resolve that issue by providing contact center agents with real-time insights into how they are personally affecting their customers’ experiences, and reinforces the behaviors that customers value — and ultimately drive advocacy.

"Successful companies realize that the contact center is a critical customer touch point with a powerful effect on how they perceive the business," said Richard Sharp director of marketing at ResponseTek, in a statement. "Our contact center solution drives quality improvement, as defined by the customer, by getting actionable information to the right people, in real-time."
So many systems currently in place for contact centers only monitor interactions from the viewpoint of the agent or the organization itself. But, by doing so, the center is failing to gain an accurate perception of the actual customer experience. This failure can lead to increased customer churn, significantly impacting the bottom line. By implementing solutions like ResponseTek:CEM, contact centers can ensure they are getting the full view of the effectiveness of their agents.

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