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AAG Improves Call Center System with Altivon

September 11, 2009

Altivon, an IP-based communications solutions provider, has announced that American Advisors Group has purchased Customer Interaction Center, an all-in-one IP communications software suite developed by Interactive Intelligence.

AAG offers reverse mortgages to seniors nationwide and runs national television advertising campaigns that generate a high number of phone calls. It is important for AAG that these calls must be handled quickly by the right representatives.
The Interactive Intelligence software suite, Customer Interaction Center (CIC), includes multichannel recording, skills-based routing and other features.
AAG has chosen this new system to support their growth, compliance and quality assurance. AAG said it appreciates Altivon’s focus on high-quality customer interactions and from now on all AAG advisors will use the Altivon communications solution in their conversations with seniors.
Describing their requirement, Teague McGrath, AAG vice president of marketing said that despite the large spikes in call volume they have to handle every caller in a timely fashion and in compliance with state rules and regulations.
McGrath hopes that the Interactive Intelligence suite from Altivon will ensure that calls are rapidly delivered to advisors licensed in the caller’s state.
Altivon will integrate CIC to AAG’s customer relationship management application from and the advisors will receive caller details prior to taking the call.
McGrath explained that this new system we will be able to route calls intelligently, and deliver them to the right advisors along with all the information needed to move the call forward.
“This is just what we need to ensure high caller satisfaction, conversion rate and company growth,” he said.
Noting the importance of high-quality customer service in the success of phone-based businesses like AAG’s, Bruce Andersen, Altivon president said their experience will ensures that AAG advisors can focus on selling the benefits of reverse mortgages to their market.

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