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ClickFox Now Integrates with Greenplum Software to Analyze Customer Experiences

September 10, 2009

ClickFox, a provider of customer experience analytics (CEA) software and solutions, has announced a completed integration with Greenplum Software, a creator of Enterprise Data Cloud solutions for large-scale data warehousing and analytics.

This integration is built on Greenplum’s massive parallel architecture and gives ClickFox customers the ability to inexpensively scale to larger volumes of customer data without sacrificing processing speed. The partnership is designed to ensure companies have quick and easy access to the management and analysis of the customer experience to improve relations and business success.

“One of ClickFox’s top priorities is keeping the technology relevant so it exceeds customer needs,” said William Hawley, chief operating officer (COO) of ClickFox, in a statement. “Our integration to Greenplum reinforces that goal to provide highly optimized speed in processing customer behavior and cross-channel analytics. ClickFox currently processes over half a billion multi-channel customer interactions per month for some of the nation’s largest businesses and service providers across industries, and this figure is expected to double in 2010.”

Companies are increasingly collecting voice, behavior and demographic data around customer service interactions for review and analysis. This content then reflects the customer experience across multiple touchpoints to reveal underlying reasons for customer inquiries or concerns that have operational consequences for the contact center.

To meet data processing requirements within the contact center, companies need a system in place that can handle the sheer volume generated by these systems to provide relevant, timely analysis. ClickFox and Greenplum now provide a solution that gives companies a significant technology and business intelligence advantage.

“By giving our customers and partners access to the benefits of the ClickFox-Greenplum integration, we offer them the best of customer experience analytics combined with massively scalable, proven grid computing. Ultimately this translates into faster speed-to-intelligence and improved business operations,” said Hawley.

The CEA from ClickFox integrates directly into Greenplum’s state-of-the-art shared-nothing MPP (massively parallel processing) architecture to drive backend data warehousing services for companies. This data architecture is optimized to easily power across the Greenplum system to process data transactions for rapid, actionable insight into the reasons behind customer issues.

“We’re pleased to be chosen by ClickFox as a strategic technology partner,” said Bill Cook, CEO of Greenplum. “Customer experience analytics is a high-growth market with leading companies across the globe prioritizing the need to understand, manage and improve their customer experience. Companies can now leverage our high performance platform via ClickFox, the market leader, which has proven the benefits of CEA across multiple industries.”

Contact center analytics solutions are proving to be effective in reducing costs for the organization as they allow for greater depth of insight into the customer experience to create better retention. This helps to create greater opportunities for companies such as ClickFox and Greenplum. This integration will extend reach for both companies, delivering benefits to customers in the process.  

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