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OnState Enhances Products to Improve Customer Communications

August 26, 2009

OnState Communications has announced the release of its Summer '09 product enhancements in a bid to further improve communication and collaboration with customers.

Enhancements were made to the OnState autodialer, business chat, multi-tier tenant support, and reporting and analytics solutions.
The company’s OnState AutoDialer enhancement includes improved agent interaction with the autodialer, making the program more efficient and automatic. With this, call center agents can seamlessly open documents, questionnaires, and other scripted and collaborative online information right from the OnState dashboard.
The updated Business Chat feature is now more configurable and can easily adapt to the unique needs of customers. For businesses, the company notes that adding business chat to their Web site will enhance their customer support as well as provide additional convenient forms of contact.
In addition, the offering allows customers to configure the business chat feature to automatically ask questions when a user engages chat. With this capability, they can save valuable employee time while providing the proper information required to enhance service and support.
Another enhancement to their Multi-tier Tenant Support solution includes the ability for customers and their outsource providers to share the same system. This means they can both operate in the same instance, and dynamically manage call and chat traffic based on volume and the requirements of individual callers.
By turning the network into the call center, OnState allows all resources to be managed as virtual pools, independent of location and where the agent reports.
Finally, with new enhancements to their reporting and analytics offering, call center operational statistics are now broadcast to all agents so they can stay informed about activities and performance metrics.

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