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HealthHelp Turns to Qwest to Enhance Contact Center Offerings

August 18, 2009

HealthHelp, a Houston-based radiology benefit-management company, has announced an upgrade to its customer care technology with Qwest services. As a result of this upgrade, physician offices can now operate more efficiently, offering self-service and around the clock voice and data access to its radiology benefit-management program.

HealthHelp currently uses Qwest Contact Center Solutions to manage its integrated call center environment. Qwest provides self-service interactive voice-response (IVR) transaction processing. This solution, powered with on-demand scale and capacity to economically address call volume spikes, directs callers to the appropriate customer service agent.

“This innovative upgrade augments HealthHelp’s convenient online portal and offers ordering physicians yet another streamlined mode of communication with customer service representatives,” said Cherrill Farnsworth, president and CEO, HealthHelp, in a release. “Qwest has provided physicians with a quick, telephonic way to submit requests for diagnostic imaging procedures and radiation oncology treatment plans.”

With the Qwest solution, HealthHelp has access to a flexible way to handle call flow by equipping caller with self-service access to key information in real time. This aspect helps to enhance the customer experience by minimizing call wait times.

HealthHelp also made Qwest Contact Center Solutions part of the company’s business continuity and disaster recovery plan. This solution offers the flexibility to direct callers to customer service agents at work, or at alternate locations. As a result, HealthHelp can stay up and running even in the event of an emergency, which is vital to patient care.

“Businesses need the flexibility to connect with their customers through interactive voice response systems or by reaching a live person,” said Teresa Taylor, executive vice president, Qwest Business Marketing Group. “That’s why a growing number of companies like HealthHelp rely on Qwest for cost-effective and easy-to-use solutions packaged with exceptional customer service.”

Qwest announced earlier this week that the Colorado Hospital Association and the Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council will rely on Qwest to provide high-speed broadband services to link nearly 400 of the state’s urban and rural healthcare and behavioral health providers in order to offer telemedicine access.

The company suffered a blow to customer perception when it announced its plans to cut all wireless provider services from its portfolio of offerings. The company made the announcement last year and has given its customers two more months to find a new wireless provider.

Qwest is now offering Verizon Wireless to its customers, but customers have the option of choosing a provider without incurring the cost of a termination fee. 

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