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CallCopy Releases its Own Speech Analytics Solution

August 13, 2009

CallCopy, which offers a suite of call center applications including call recording, quality management, screen capture, speech analytics and performance management, all on a single, Web-based platform called cc: Discover, has come out with its own speech analytics solution, the company announced today.

Up until a few months ago, CallCopy had been using CallMiner’s speech analytics software, but now the company has taken the logical route of offering its own proprietary speech analytics solution which is fully integrated into its platform. That means the company can more easily provide technical support to its customers – plus it no longer has to price its offering based on an agreement with a third party provider.
Speech analytics software is used to “mine” recorded interactions to arrive at deep insights into agent performance and customer behavior. In turn these insights can be used to drive key business decisions.

Today’s speech analytics solutions go far beyond simple word and phrase spotting – in fact they have advanced to the point where they can be used to detect certain emotional responses.

Although it’s been around for more than a few years now, adoption of speech analytics in the contact center has been slowed by the cost of the solutions and the complexity of deploying, using and maintaining them. CallCopy hopes to change this with the release of its new speech analytics solution, which the company claims will be simple for customers to deploy, since it is fully integrated into the company’s cc: Discover platform, and easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface.

Using speech analytics software, contact centers can mine vast reams of recorded interactions in order to uncover trends that simply cannot be detected be manually listening in on calls. For example, there might be a certain phrase or word in an agent script that results in a negative or even indifferent response in a high percentage of customers. This could lead to a business decision to remove or change that term or phrase in order to elicit a more positive response.

By the same token, customers might consistently respond to a certain phrase by referring to a competitor, in which case the company might do an investigation to find out why customers are bringing the competitor’s name up at that particular point in the script.

Contact centers can also learn a lot about how their agents are handling calls by mining recorded interactions. By combing this data with screen capture, online customer reviews and other historical customer data gleaned through CRM and other systems, companies can gain a much more holistic view of how they are handling customer service.

In addition to uncovering trends in agent performance and customer behavior, companies can proactively identify sales opportunities, reduce corporate risk, ensure regulatory compliance and improve operational efficiencies across the organization.

CallCopy claims this new release was designed to make speech analytics accessible to contact centers of all sizes by removing the barriers that have thus far prevented widespread adoption. The solution reportedly eliminates the need for lengthy setup processes and delivers a more practical feature set. It sports a phonetics-based engine that mines up to 100-percent of call recordings, identifying words or phrases that have been identified as business critical. Calls identified as containing these words or phrases are flagged for immediate follow-up (in fact, managers can receive these alerts in near-real time).

CallCopy reports that its new speech engine minimizes false positives by assigning probability scores to results. Companies can set their own thresholds as to the degree of accuracy they wish the system to carry out.
The new engine is capable of detecting stress – again, based on the thresholds that are set, a certain level of stress in a caller’s or agent’s voice will trigger an alert.
The same goes for silence detection – by measuring “abnormal” pauses or holds in a conversation, managers can uncover potential workflow issues and areas for process improvement.

The solution is currently only available in English but the company reportedly plans to release additional language packs in the near future.

CallCopy made news earlier this week when it announced that it has released version 4.0 of its award-winning cc: Discover platform.

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