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Avocent Intros MergePoint Unity for Remote Network and Device Management

April 15, 2009

Avocent Corporation, a provider of IT operations management, has released MergePoint Unity, a robust next-generation switching appliance that supports both KVM over IP and serial console management technology.

This platform helps IT administrators to manage remote equipment racks in data centers and offices through a single appliance and interface. The platform helps in management of devices in data center racks, including servers, storage, networking and serial appliances, helping IT administrators with cost savings and reducing the need for in-person management. MergePoint Unity is standards-based for maximum interoperability, and allows administrators to see growth towards ROI following deployment.

"The MergePoint Unity solution from Avocent represents a solid step forward in remote data center management," stated Dennis Drogseth, vice president, Enterprise Management Associates, in a release. "As a tool to complement in-band tools, this switch gives IT administrators considerable flexibility and power to manage nearly every piece of IT equipment found in their data centers and remote branch locations."

MergePoint Unity switches are optimized for data centers or for branch data centers with KVM and serial targets to offer customers with the ability to manage without requiring a need to purchase unnecessary hardware. The device pairs complete platform flexibility with serial connectivity through a KVM appliance to extend the features of Avocent DSR switches. The new MergePoint Unity solution and DSView 3 management software, offers enterprise-class and branch data centers management solution for remote device control.

MergePoint Unity solution offers  Serial IQ module support to allow bi-directional communication to run a Telnet or SSH session to serial devices. It also offers Virtual Media support for a user to mount or map a USB media or mass storage devices to a remote computer with physical USB connection to the MergePoint Unity switch.

The new solution provides CAC/Smart Card reader support. Dual Power and Ethernet options are another benefit. The MergePoint Unity switches include dual Ethernet on all models and single or dual power supply options for critical configurations that require redundant connections to ensure high availability.
MergePoint Unity solution provides enhanced video experience. Its ACI port allows for single console view of tiered targets from local console. It has common look and feel maintained for local port and Web interface.

"Today's economic forces are putting pressure on IT department budgets, and IT managers need the technology solutions they deploy to meet current needs, evolve with them as they change, and continue to add value over time," said Ben Grimes, senior vice president of corporate strategy and chief technology officer with Avocent. "Our new MergePoint Unity switch design, features and cost advantages help IT managers maximize their monitoring and management of data center and branch facilities by combining KVM, USB and serial capabilities into one solution to manage the variety of equipment in the racks. MergePoint Unity meets the technical needs of forward-looking IT department administrators, while addressing the relevant budget-related priorities of the enterprise CIO, today.”

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