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Aztek Networks Now a New Customers for Adivent's SalesTargetWatch

November 10, 2008

Adivent, a European sales outsourcing company focused on the telecom market, has just signed Aztek Networks as a new customer for its SalesTargetWatch services. Aztek maintains a strong position in telecommunications switch consolidation solutions for network migration.

This contact was established in order to enable Aztek to conduct in-depth market and sales analysis as a first step toward expanding sales efforts into the European telecom arena.

“Having spent the majority of my career building start-ups within the telecom industry, I know the European market offers both great opportunity and significant challenges," said Steven Bruny, president and CEO at Aztek, in a Monday statement.

"With Adivent, we can take an incremental, fact-based approach to expansion that previously was very hard to accomplish and extremely expensive to do in-house. We are very pleased to have an experienced partner like Adivent helping guide our expansion plans within the highly fragmented and culturally diverse European market."

Adivent positions its offering as an alternative that is designed to streamline the sales and operations process and enables telecom suppliers to quickly establish a sales presence in Europe at a fraction of the time and cost normally associated with traditional methods

The Adivent SalesTargetWatch service allows North American firms to closely monitor target customers and identify new sales opportunities without the unpredictable costs and high risks involved in setting up a local sales force.

Adivent will collect, analyze and report on developments that may lead to sales opportunities, including the adoption of new technologies, spending plans, internal balances of power or failures on the part of the competition.

"Aztek Networks offers a very innovative alternative to network migration equipment that can help drive network efficiency and improved customer service," said Gianni Burzi, managing partner at Adivent, in the Monday statement.

"Unlike emerging companies that may expand on a hunch, Aztek is embarking on a thorough analysis that will lead to a business case on whether or not to expand into Europe, timing and market issues, and potential telecom prospects that may have an immediate need for its solutions."

No matter what the economy is doing, those companies who focus on sales to drive revenue must be able to monitor the market, their prospects and the competition to drive revenue and maintain a strong position in the market. Adivent understands this importance and has launched a solution that enables companies such as Aztek Networks to capitalize on the solution in order to maximize the opportunities within the European market.

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