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Pyze Updates Analytics & Engagement Platform

November 08, 2018

Businesses are trying to better understand their customers and prospects so they can deliver better and more personalized messaging, solutions, and support. That requires those organizations to pay attention to customers everywhere, all the time.

That entails collecting information on user behavior across all channels, analyzing those behaviors, segmenting and providing personalized experiences based that analysis, and engaging customers and prospects using the best messaging channel.

Pyze allows for all that with its AI-powered cross-platform analytics and engagement platform. Today Pyze rolled out a new release of its Growth Intelligence Platform. (And early next year TMC, the publisher of this article, will be staging a new event – The Future of Work Expo – that will focus on how artificial intelligence and machine learning can improve marketing and other professional workplace efforts.)

“Customers no longer differentiate between channels as they conduct a transaction. For example, users often add items to shopping carts on the mobile app and then checkout on the web,” notes Prabhjot Singh, founder and CEO of Pyze, whose platform powers more than 300,000 apps and websites. “Marketing teams don’t have the tools to track holistic user behavior or execute campaigns across channels. Pyze now empowers marketing and product teams [with] the ability to understand user behavior across all channels so they can understand holistic usage, conduct meaningful segmentation, orchestrate effective marketing campaigns, and build more engaging products.”

The new version of the Pyze platform features more advanced cross-channel analytics, customizable user dashboards, and a new user interface.

The cross-channel analytics now support dynamic app groups that combine cross- channel or app behavior for data analytics; multi-dimensional analysis across apps, channels, and data sources; and on-demand data visualization and data export.

The dashboards feature the ability for users to add any data insight or visualization; custom, role-based views for each user to show app or app group data metrics; and

real-time dashboard loading. Users of the new release will also enjoy the ability to deliver automated campaigns based on fine grained user actions or behavior; create campaign triggers based on event imported using server-side data sources; and the ability to trigger campaigns from Analytics Views.

“Pyze enables our customers to understand the effectiveness of their affiliate programs by tracking end-to-end creation of carts curated by influencers and consumer purchases,” says Susan Akbarpour, founder and CEO of Mavatar. “The new capabilities introduced in this release will give our customers even more advanced solutions to understand user behavior and engage users of their services.”

Pyze is among the companies mentioned in Gartner research on web and mobile app analytics, mobile marketing platforms (for which the research firm says Pyze is No. 1), and mobile marketing.

Edited by Maurice Nagle