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AgilOne Leverages AI, ML to Enhance CDP Solution

August 01, 2018

AgilOne recently introduced a new feature called 360 Profile for Customer Service to its customer data platform. It provides customer service personnel with a single view of the customer.

AgilOne’s 360 Profile includes customer summary attributes, transaction history details, the customer journey, customer record details, and a household summary. Customer-facing team members also can use the new feature to get information on such things as the customer’s preferred store location; recent website, email, or mobile activity; preferred method of communication; likelihood to buy and churn; and shopping, product repair, and return histories.

British home improvement retailer Wickes and Turkish home appliance and electronics manufacturer Arcelik are among the early adopters of the AgilOne 360 Profile for Customer Service solution. Wickes’ call centers, customer insights team, ecommerce teams, and physical stores are all using AgilOne’s 360 Profile for Customer Service. Arcelik is using AgilOne’s 360 Profile for Customer Service to provide customer service representatives with information on customers via the Salesforce Service Cloud.

Omer Artun, AgilOne's founder and CEO, said customer data platforms are typically used by marketing. But CDPs can increase the productivity and effectiveness of customer service reps too. Artun established AgilOne a dozen years ago, pioneering the CDP category. At the time, he says, a lot of businesses were working to transition from being product focused to becoming customer centric.

The AgilOne platform cleanses, de-dupes, stitches, and appends customer data from all online and offline sources, including data from events, journeys, campaigns, and transactions. It then employs machine learning to provide insights and predictions about each customer, including that customer’s lifetime value to the business.

Artun says AgilOne plans additional enhancements to its platform. That will include a feature that leverages machine learning to identify which products are not selling well, and then employs artificial intelligence to discern what individuals are most likely to be interested in those products. That way, he notes, businesses are more likely to sell inventory that isn’t moving.

The company also expects to use machine learning to see when customers have conversion problems. When businesses can identify these instances, he notes, they can address them by having a customer service agent reach out to that individual and/or assessing their own processes to make the purchase process more customer-friendly.

“It’s all about customer data and how intelligent that is,” Artun says. “That's where you can create winning results. That’s when you can compete with the Amazons of the world.”

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Edited by Maurice Nagle