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VoiceBase Venture Redefines R & D

May 23, 2018

Automated speech recognition and its sibling technologies are riding the wave of innovation taking place in artificial intelligence to deliver the next generation in contact center solutions. Collaboration is a key component of this phase of transformation.

VoiceBase announced a partnership with the University of Sheffield to create the Centre for Speech & Language Technology. Led by the VoiceBase team and speech & audio technology professor Thomas Hais it will serve to drive development in machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver a new age in automated speech recognition.

“Professor Thomas Hain is notably one of the leading experts in the highly competitive field of speech technology,” stated Walter Bachtiger CEO VoiceBase. “VoiceBase is honored to have found tremendous synergy around our speech technology vision, in order to jointly advance the science of automated speech recognition.”

VoiceBase already touts a partner base including AVST, Voxbone, Amazon Connect and Twilio, the contact, the AI-powered speech analytics provider is sitting at fore of innovation in language technology. The newly minted partnership with the University of Sheffield will bring together exceptional technology and some of the industry’s best research together.

“By bringing together exceptional University resources and VoiceBase’s ‘big voice’ vision for enterprise business intelligence, the centre’s researchers will be in touch with real world problems and have the satisfaction to see their hard work realized in the largest enterprises around the world,” commented Professor Thomas Hain. 

Contact center solutions of today are as far cry from just a few short years ago. The explosion of AI, analytics and automation is driving a new day in customer service interactions.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle